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Scientists in Newcastle, England claim that they created mature, motile human sperm from scratch in a laboratory.  This would be the first time anyone has created human sperm.  Although the lab has officially announced their discovery, it will still take several years to perfect the process.  The research was conducted to help infertile men to have children. 

Sperm created by scientists

Sperm created by scientists

The scientists began the process by using stem cells derived from day-old human embryos.  The stem cells were placed in a chemical bath at body temperature to encourage rapid growth.  At a certain stage of growth, they were marked or “tagged” with a genetic marker to help the researchers identify germline stem cells.  Germline stem cells develop into eggs and sperm.  The male, XY stem cells underwent the meiosis, cell division producing haploid gametes.  Haploid gametes have half the number of chromosomes of a normal cell. 

The Cosmic Perspective

Scientifically, life is 

the condition which distinguishes active organisms from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity and the continual change preceding death.

I have no desire to alienate people by lecturing about what is right and what is wrong.  Your beliefs are your business, just as mine are my own ( I would gladly discuss my feelings in the comments).  That being said, we must begin asking ourselves deeper questions.  “What are my feelings about this?”  “Is it moral or ethical?”  It is important that we do not blindly follow religious leaders or scientists.  We must evaluate the facts for ourselves, and make an unbiased decision.  We also must be able to listen.  When you come to that final decision, we cannot be set in our ways.   Somebody could have a new, very insightful perspective about which you thought you knew everything.  New facts are constantly pouring in.  Knowledge is in a constant state of flux.  And remember, people are zealous for causes when they are not sure their ideas are true.


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