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The binturong or bearcat is neither a bear nor a cat.   The Binturong is a type of large civet or omnivorousus midsize mammal whose family include Mongoose and Meercat.  Binturongs are cat-sized animals native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  Binturongs are very endangered nocturnal animals.  They are distinguished by their long, fluffy tails and small, round ears.  They have a dull black or brown color. 

The Binturong in its Natural Habitat

The binturong is very in Southeast Asia as a result of the widespread habitat destruction.  Binturongs live almost solely in treetops (their sharp, curved claws make them expert climbers).  Poachers often hunt for the binturong as well because their body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicines.  The poor food situation in the region causes the local peoples to hunt the Binturong as well. 

On a side note, the Binturong smells strongly of popcorn, which is the scent it uses for territory markers.  It is also, strangely enough, the mascot of Binghamton University.  There are no Binturongs native to New York.



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