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The Great Pyramids of Giza

 The Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt have embodied the ancient world ever since they were discovered by the western world.  Their mystery have captivated millions of people including Napoleon and Churchill.  You too should experience these amazing structures.

The Khufu Pyramid or Great Pyramid is the largest in the world.  It was built around 2500 B.C.  with nearly two-and-a-half-million limestone bricks.  These bricks each weigh two-and-three-quarter tons!  Naturally, a huge work force, one of 20,000 slaves and workers, was required to build this pyramid.  There are also two smaller pyramids and the Sphinx (a figure with a man’s head and cat’s body.  Each night the sunset brings the pyramids alive and paints them an eerie blood red color. 

You can take a camel, a ship of the desert, up to the very base of the pyramids.  The Archaeological Museum of Cairo is also unmatched for mummy and ancient Egyptian artifacts.  It is a must-see for any history buff.

Unfortunately, urban sprawl has accompanied the influx of tourists.  There is only the benefit that lodgings are easy to find.  Although the Pyramids are still essentially untouched, the land surrounding the structures and the Nile River are filled in with slums and cities.  The best time to visit here is from November to March.  Despite this, the experience of seeing the grand Pyramids is absolutely an essential check-off for travellers. 


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