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It seems that commercials urging to buy certain products have been around since the first civilizations.  Images of beautiful women and strong men have been Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) and scientists believe they are advertisements or logos, much like Adidas or Gatorade today. 


Examples of the Ancient Commercials


“Some images, possibly from wines, show warriors involved in violent acts, perhaps appealing to a more macho or laddish individual of the kind targeted today by Lynx commercials.  You get some designs that show people in the act of drinking or eating,” says Dr Wengrow, the chief scientist on this project.  “They show people, gods, animals, even monsters doing all kinds of things together, including drinking beer through a straw, making textiles, but also killing each other too.”

The first logos were created around 6000 B.C.  This is also the first time when when alcoholic beverages, textiles and dairy products were mass produced.  These logos seem to be describing to travellers in this economic crossroads about the origins and quality of the goods they depict, much like how the Pepsi or Coke logo give people ideas of good pop.  Amazingly, the images themselves seem to be mass produced by a wet piece of clay being mechanically forced onto a stone with the impression of the picture on it.


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