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We may never know what is inside a black hole, but recently, scientists have gotten the best images aso of yet.  It has also shed light on the jets of particles emitted from black holes at the speed of light.  These jets are also amongst the brightest objects in the entire cosmos, but as of now, we do not know how the particles obtain such speeds. 

A Black Hole and Its Particle Jets

Thanks to the new images, scientists noticed that the particles are being flung out in a kind of corksscrew direction.  The leading theory now is that the black hole’s great mass distorts space-time around it, twisting magnetic fieldlines which then propell the particles outward from the center of the hole.  Particles in space get pulled into the black hole because of the hole’s insanely high gravitational force.  the particles, including magnetic field lines themselves begin to spiral in the hole because of its inertia.  The field lines then push the charged particles into space at crazy high velocities. 


A team studied a galaxy called BL Lacertae, which lies around 950 million light years from Earth (are we there yet?), which orbits around a black hole that has 200 million times more mass than the son.  A new radio telescope showed the jet in all of its glory.


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