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Before the post, I would just like to say that I broke another landmark for my blog: 300 views in one day.

The United States Agricultural Secretary Ed Schafer will be traveling to a UN global foot crisis summit in Rome.  There he will propose biotechnology as a strategy to boost agricultural production worldwide. 

At this point, the United States is contributing more than 50 percent of all the world’s food aid.  Schafer says, “the world’s other developed nations have an obligation to provide food efficiently without obstructing access to it or limiting safe technologies to produce it.”  To combat world hunger the US will propose a three-step plan.

Genetically Modified Wheat Can Fare Much Better in Certain Conditions than its Non-Altered Counterpart

The US will focus its humanitarian aid to countries that are unable to meet minimum nutrition standards.  It will also support research to find the underlying causes of food scarcities in the developing countries.  The third part is a US proposal “that all countries consider strategies that expand research, promote science-based regulations, and encourage innovative technology — including biotechnology.”

Naturally, many people don’t like this idea.  For me, I don’t see a problem with this.  Although it is a recently discovered science, it has huge potential to help people where crops are dying because of droughts, frosts, heat, disease, or insects.  People have been genetically manipulating plants for ages through methods like grafting.  Through biotechnology and bioengineering, scientists simply go straight for the source (the genes) and speed up the process.


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