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Fans of Ohio State college football beware:  global warming is killing the Buckeyes and sending them to Michigan State.  Don’t worry, no players are dying of heat stroke (just yet).  The iconic buckeye tree may be leaving Ohio to plant its seeds in what were once colder areas, like Michigan (which for you who don’t know anything about college football (me) is the main rival of Ohio State) due to rising temperatures. 

The fruit of the buckeye tree, which is a close relative of the chesnut.

The fruit of the buckeye tree, which is a close relative of the chesnut.

Although found in other parts of the Midwest, the buckeye tree is the official state tree of Ohio, and the buckeye nut provided the name for sports teams at Ohio State University, whose football rival is the University of Michigan.  It gets its name from the brown nut’s lighter circular “eye,” resembling the eye of a buck deer.

The coalition doesn’t have any actual evidence that the buckeye’s range has been pushed north but says global warming threatens to make that happen.  This, I believe is the main problem that pushes people away from global warming, when we start tagging everything as the product of global warming, but it does raise serious questions.

David Lytle, chief of the Division of Forestry in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said the campaign has merit because it calls attention to important ecological issues in an amusing light.

It is not unusual to find a buckeye tree in southern Michigan, where the climate and soil is like that in northern Ohio.  That being said, healthy adult buckeye trees can tolerate a wide climate range, although seedlings are more sensitive.   So, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan could eventually give buckeye trees a more comfortable habitat, because seedlings are more likely to be able to thrive there.


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Sorry about the delay, but my internet was down, so I could not write.   Time for a rant. 


A Saddened Polish Fan

Coach Leo Beenhakker completely revitalized this team and what…they can’t even win a single game in their group.

They get a solid chance to beat Germany for the first time, but they mess that up.  Alright.  I wasn’t really expecting to win that one.

Then they play Austria, the worst team in the group.  First, they let in like 4 breakaways which were defended brilliantly by Artur Boruc.  If not for him, they would be out of the game.  Then they score a great goal and defend well.  Then the stupid English referee calls a penalty kick for a tiny tug of the shirt!  What!?  There is no way the ref should decide the final outcome of the game like that.  That was no penalty.  Every team has been doing stuff like that and you decide to call it now, just when the Poles are about to win!    

Finally, they need to beat Croatia to have any chance of going through.  And what do they do?  Nothing!  Boruc plays amazingly again, but there is no offense!  If you can’t tell already, I’m a bit peeved by the whole thing. 

I suppose there will always be next time.


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Celtic F.C. (my team) have won the Scottish Premier League with a 1-0 win over Dundee United. 

All Hail the Returning Champions!

The win gave Celtic, who at one point was 9 points behind their cross-town rivals Rangers toward the beginning of the season, the League Title, completing a spectacular rally.  This title gives manager Gordon Strachan the honor of being the first Celtic manager since 1956 to win the league three times in a row. 

The lone goal was hit by Celtic striker Jan Vennegoor, his 20th goal of the season.  He scored off a cross by Paul Hartley in the 71st minute of play.  Artur Boruc, Celtic’s Polish goalkeeper, played brilliantly, saving all of the efforts United made to score. 

The match finally ended with the referee’s final whistle, declaring that Celtic had once again won the League.  Unfortunately, I did not get to actually watch my favorite team win, but I am pumped none the less.  Time to roll out my Celtic F.C. jersey and revel a bit.

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On this first Soulful Sunday post, I will be talking about football: the real sport.  Not the one where the ball touches a player’s foot around three plays every game.  Just to tell everyone, I am a big Celtic F.C. fan (mainly because of Artur Boruc, Celtic’s Polish goalkeeper). 

Today, one of football’s biggest rivalries will play out.  Rangers vs Celtic.  First off, it’s kind of like the Brooklyn Dodgers-New York Yankees rivalry as they both play their games in Glasgow, Scotland.  Another reason is because of the whole Protestant vs Catholic thing in Scotland.  Celtic began as a Catholic organization while Rangers was founded to counter Celtic’s Catholic domination of the Scottish Premier League.  For more reasons behind the brutal rivalry: http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=121107

Celtic and Rangers Players in Action

Both teams have been on a hot streak, winning each of their last three games.  Celtic, however, have the advantage in both goals scored and goals against, and thus are in first place in the league (yay!).  If you pay attention to the game, keep your eyes peeled for Rangers’ top scorer Kris Boyd to be a big impact in the game.  He has scored 13 goals thus far and has more in him.  For Celtic, the man to keep your eye on is Aiden McGeady.  The flamboyant midfielder plays with great intensity which can prove to be a two-edged sword.  He has 9 yellow cards, but 8 goals and 15 assists in the League alone.   Another boon to Celtic is that a swarm of their players have returned from injury or suspension.  Nakamura, Brown, Caldwell, Hesselink, Hinkel, Naylor, and Hartley have all returned at some point during the week from injury, fit to play today. 

The last game was won by Celtic in a scoreline of 2-1, where Hesselink and Nakamura scored for Celtic.  I look forward to a very passionate game, that is sure to be fun to watch if some of the fans (hooligans) don’t take it to far (people have been killed over these games!).  I personally predict a scoreline of 2-0 favoring Celtic (there’s a surprise).

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