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Nowadays, creationism is rarely viewed according to its definition: the believe that there is a God who was directly involved in the Creation of the universe.  That definition would include me.  Although I don’t believe in poof, poof all animals and people, I believe God worked through the mechanism of evolution (however, don’t confuse that with intelligent design; I will get to that later).  Most people see creationists as those who insist on a literal translation of the first chapters of Genesis.  These are actually the Young Earth Creationists; they believe that the 6 days of Creation were 24 hour intervals, so the earth must be less than 10,000 years old.  Also, they believe that everything was created by individual acts of Creation.  Although the YEC normally belive microevolution: how small changes in a species can occur in a species through natural selection, they do not believe in macroevolution: how one species evolves into another. 


I already spoke about this, so I will keep it brief.  How can you trust a literal interpretation of the Genesis stories if they are so different?  Also, would you say that Psalms should be taken literally (wisdom is a woman!).  Even St. Augustine said Genesis was more of a morality play than a history.  Many people see this is a way of defending God from science.  But He does not need help.  He is the greatest scientist and He would not be offended by our questions.  In fact, he gave us this intellect; let’s use it.


This explanation really angers me.  When presented with the evidence of fossils, many YEC will say that God placed them there to fool us, so it would appear that the universe is older.  Why is God playing Willy Coyote?  Lewis Black said it best when he said:

By attacking the fundamentals of nearly all sciences, you are only widening the gap between scientific and spiritual views.  YEC does more damage than good to faith, as it makes us look stupid.


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Over the next week or two, I will interrupt my regularly scheduled programing to provide you with a special series: God and Genes: How Religion and Science Can Coexist.  My recent post about Theory vs theory was popular, so I just wanted to throw this out there for some intelligent discussion.  I hope everybody enjoys it.

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So you are walking down the street, and in an electronics store front window what do you see, but Sarah Palin saying that she does not believe in evolution.  Why are people not sold on this yet?  Well among other things, many people say that “It is just a theory.”  Here is how to rebut that using plain old science-speak.

Many things are “just theories.”  For example: the Theory of relativity, or even more basic, the Theory of gravity, or the heliocentric Theory of the solar system.  When you look in a dictionary, you see two main definitions for theory: “–noun, plural -ries: guess or conjecture” and “a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation for a class of phenomena”  Most people see the first and skip over the second.  Thus, the confusion about what a Theory is in science.  Most people who use this argument against Evolution will only know the first. 

So what is a Theory, really?  Theories come from using the scientific method.  The scientific method is the process which lies at the heart of scientific inquiry.  Scientists will make qualitative and quantitative observations to form hypothesis: a possible explanation for something.  They then make predictions and test them through experiments.  If after many, many tries, the prediction holds true, a Theory is born.  A theory is a set of hypothesis that agree with observations.  Theories are a tested set of hypothesis that give an overall explanation to natural phenomenon.  It is also known as a model. 

Evolution of Different Finch Species

Evolution of Different Finch Species



At this point, most people will ask why evolution, if so perfect, is not a law.  Well, a law is just a summary of observed behaviors.  A Theory is an explanation of why those behaviors take place.  So, evolution (t=Theory) is why birds that eat different foods have different types of beaks (law).

So there you have it folks.  In the battle of Theory vs theory, well there is no winner, but you get the point.

Anyway, does anybody know for sure what plant this is and if it is edible?

What is this???

What is this???


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