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According to the Canadian Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife, the polar bear is not endangered or threatened with extinction due to increasing temperatures from global warming.  The committee did, however, begin a plan to protect the animals, whose numbers have been decreasing by around 22 percent.  They are currently listed as “special concern,” the lowest threatened level.

This Polar Bear Mother Leading her Cubs Across the Thinning Sea Ice May be a Rare Sight

Canada is home to around 15,500 polar bears, which accounts for about two-thirds of the global population.  Because summer sea ice is receding more and more each year, the population is declining.   Over-hunting and the oil industry have also hurt the numbers of the world’s largest land carnivore.  If current models hold true, half of the world’s polar bears will disappear by 2050. 

If the bear becomes, “threatened,” there would be bans on hunting or destroying the habitats of the animals.  This, of course, would not be applied to the native Inuit people.   The committee also called for tougher action to combat global warming as well.


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