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4 Aug 2015

I wake up and do some bird watching. It is the first time I am doing so recreationally, and I have difficulty not keeping detailed records of the time, distance, and other notes about the observations of each bird. It is a work day, and the lads and I begin hauling buckets of sand from down by the river up to the kitchen. Chris is using it to make mortar for a new sink he is building. I tire quickly after hiking up and down the hillside with my heavy load. We do this until lunch at which point we take an afternoon siesta. Work is infinitely better when it is shared. Not only is it easier, but it is also enjoyable to joke about mutual misery.

IMG_8344I have taken it upon myself to chop the wood for the farm every day during my stay. I do this, and then head down to the river to wash my clothes. Soleni and Chris are leaving with their goddaughter, who has been staying at the farm, for Belize City. One of the other interns may be leaving with them and I need to consider doing so as well given that it would be easier than trying to catch a bus in San Pedro Columbia and then another to Hopkins. However, upon realizing that it was either a week here or a week at the beach, the choice became easy. I would leave on Monday.


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