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According to the Brazilian government, the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest is rising once again despite new laws against illegal logging.   Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest has been declining for three consecutive years until earlier this year when preliminary satellite data from the National Space Research Center detected a spike in logging activities.  The Brazilian Amazon covers about 1.6 million square miles, which is 60 percent of the country.  About 20 percent of the rainforestforest has already been destroyed as of now.

An Aerial Map of the Amazon Rainforest, Where the Brown is Deforested Areas in the Green Rainforest

The government sent environmental agents and federal police units to prevent and halt illegal logging in jungle regions in response to the rising levels of deforestation.  The clampdown was actually met with violent protests from workers because it forced many illegal sawmills as well as around 15,500 tons of illegally felled wood to be handed over to government agents.   

Fortunately, this new government crackdown has reduced deforestation by 80 percent since environmental officials learned about the change.  Unfortunately, as long as there are poor people fighting for survival in Brazil, they will do whatever it takes to feed their families.  So, a social solution is just as necessary as an environmental one.


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