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Today, I will have cracked two benchmarks on my blog.  First, my last post has received over 200 views in a single day.  Second, this is my 100th blog post!  Hooray!  Now for the actual post.

A United States biotechnology company named BioArts International announced that it will auction off the right for five dog owners to have their pet cloned.  The bidding will begin at $100,000.  Currently, BioArts is the only company in the world that is licensed to clone dogs, cats and endangered species.

How Dogs are Cloned

It uses the same cloning method which produced Dolly, everybody’s favorite cloned sheep.  She was the first mammal to be cloned in July of 1996 from an adult cell.  The clone did not leave a long life as it was prone to infections and diseases.  Dogs are one of the more difficult mammals to clone because of their extensive genome size.   After this, BioArts may not clone any more dogs.

Now, cloning is a huge moral, as well as scientific issue.  Questions arise like, “What about human cloning?”  “Do clones have a soul or are they just like livestock?”  “Can I use clone parts to extend my life.”  Personally, I find this a pretty scary development.  What if some one like Hitler decided to clone himself?  There was a book called House of the Scorpion, in which a young clone discovers that his body parts are to be used to extend the life of his original owner.  Although this is an interesting idea, cloning can definately go too far.  We need to watch where the line in the sand is and be wary not to cross it.


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