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It turns out that Britain wants payback … from the poor countries to which aid was given to help adapt to climate change.  Britain has given 800 million pounds to third world countries which were devastated by storms, droughts, and rising sea levels, but it turns out that Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants them to repay the donation with interest! 

An Island Caught in the Rising Tide

It was discovered however, to turn a profit on this “good deed,” the money is being given from the World Bank, and in the form of a loan.  Most other countries condemned the loans, while development groups like the World Wild Foundation and ActionAid both said that funds for climate adaptation should be given in the form of grants.

A spokesman from Bangladesh put it bluntly by saying, “We need urgently to prepare for climate change, but we are not in a position to pay back loans.  The climate situation has not been created by us. The money should come spontaneously from rich countries and not be a loan.”

I personally find this a smear on Britain.  You want to look good by giving money, but want to turn a profit on it.  And how do you expect these poor countries to pay back the loans in the near future before interest skyrockets?  Shame on you British officials.

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