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Greenpeace recently accepted and applauded Unilever’s (a food and consumer good company) decision to end palm oil deforestation in Indonesia.  This change will greatly help the forests to grow in this sprawling island chain.

This is an Aerial View of the Vast Plantations (right side)

The company announced on Thursday that it would only use palm oil from fully traceable sources by the year 2015 in order to reduce the rapid destruction of Indonesia‘s carbon-rich forests .  The multibillion-dollar company’s support of Greenpeace could put pressure on Indonesian authorities to place a ban on logging and the clear-cutting of forests to make way for plantations in general.

Indonesia is the world’s most prolific crude palm oil producer and the oil’s high prices caused the deforestation to increase at an alarming rate.  To boot, Indonesia is the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas emitter (the U.S. and China are the first two).  This is another way how companies and environmental groups can work together to protect the planet.


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