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Bornean Rainforest

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and its area is divided up amongst Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.  Before Westerners came to the island, it was called Sarwak.  It was filled with the now-famous headhunters and cannibals.  Today, there are no more cannibals and headhunters.  All that remains is the Amazing Burmese Rainforest home to a vast amount of biodiversity and life.  There are about 15,000 different types of flowering plants, 221 mammal species, and 420 bird species. 

People can hike throughout the huge park.  Organized tours go through the Sarawak Chamber, the world’s largest cave system.  There are 64 miles of passageways throughout the cave.  If you visit here at night you will be able to see the great bat evening departure when thousands of bats fill the night sky.  Burmese pythons often hunt here as well, but for the bats themselves.  Orangutans have also made the are famous, but these “old men of the jungle” are slowly declining in population size.  Other animals like the Asian elephant, Bornean Clouded Leopard, and the Sumatran Rhinoceros can be found on the island as well. 

You can also kayak as the island has a grand river system.  You can also visit the tribal headman on the island, the tuai rumah to fill your trip with culture and history.  The primeval beauty of the great jungle makes this place an adventure of a lifetime.  The best time to leave is in March to October (the dry season).  To sleep with the tribesmen naturally costs a lot ($995 to be specific), but you can always sleep in a tent or under the jungle sky.


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