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The Amazon is the largest river in the world.  It gathers its waters from more than 1,000 tributaries and spills fresh water miles into the Atlantic Ocean.  The rainforest surrounding the river is the largest in the world and it contains millions of different animal and plant species, fifteen percent of which, scientists estimate, have not yet been discovered and catalogued.

Abercrobie and Kent is an expedition group that is led by experienced naturalist guides.  The tour is taken on the boat, the Explorer, which doubles as transportation and home for twenty days.  The tour is not only led on water, but also visits riverside islands, pristine rainforest, and wonderful islands.  The tour has two excursions in May.  Each one costs about $3,500 dollars per person, which is not at all a terrible price.  Most people urge travellers to use some sort of guide service (as it is very easy to get lost), but if you want to go solo, there is still plenty to do and things to see. 

The Amazon River and Pantanal

The Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world.  It is the last great, intact ecological paradise which is a natural habitat for countless wildlife that can be found nowhere else on earth.  The ecological refuge is a 131,000 acre ground full of many animals including (but definitely not limited to) spoonbill cranes, coatis, chachalacas, tapirs, jaguars, freshwater dolphin and deer.  The possibilities in this are are endless as the park is open around the clock.  Tourists can go solo or with a guide, hike, horseback ride, or kayak through the intricate waterways and lagoons.  The refuge has its own hotel which costs $330 a night per person.  The best times are from April to September during the dry season, but there are fewer people during the wet season, which is cooler, but definitely not cold, and…well, rainy. 

The Amazon of Brazil is one of the last natural refuges for wildlife to thrive.  Due to logging of the area, it may not be around for long, however.  The land must be protected for both our enjoyment, our children’s enjoyment, and the world’s benefit.


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